Due to the pandemic & flu season, there is a high demand for our FDA Registered Anti-Covid-19 Sanitizing Spray and Gel. As of January 2, 2021 we have limited quantity in stock. Hurry! Order Today!

Our products first sanitize the hands using benzalkonium chloride. Then the copper and magnesium particles continue killing the pathogens including viruses like COVID-19. The copper andmagnesium particles and benzalkonium chloride utilized are safe for humans, but not for the virus. These particles disable these pathogens by destroying their capsid and viral envelope and disrupting their genetic code, their DNA and RNA, causing the virus not to be infectious.

Through our Clinical “Kill” test. Our product repeatedly kills viruses, including COV-SAR2 (COVID-19), germs and bacteria at half the time that the FDA requires. FDA requires for any sanitizers to provide a kill rate of at least within 60 seconds. Our products kill within 20-30 seconds repeatedly. Not only that our product kills faster but continues to kill for at least 4 hours or more.

If used properly, alcohol-based hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol is an effective way to kill the COVID-19 virus. However, once the sanitizer evaporates, you are left without any protection. VieShield’s Viral Disruptor product lines not only Kill COVID-19 upon contact but continues to kill and give you protection for 4+ hours.

The main difference is our foundational technology of combining our patented Magnesium HydroxideMg(OH)2, Copper, Benzalkonium Chloride and Nano Platelet. The combination of our patented technology not only kill COVID-19 and other viruses on contact but also penetrates the first layer of the epidermis to provide 4+ hours of continuous kill and protection.

Yes, up to about 10 washes within the 4 hours

Our Clinical Test results in killing the following viruses and more: E. coli, MRSA, P. Aeruginosa, B. cepacia, S. enterica, E. faecalis, K. pneumoniae, S. pyogenes, L. monocytogenes, C. jejuni, C. difficile.
Our clinical safety test and ingredient safety assessment test prove that our product is completely safe for our skin. Furthermore, our product is non-alcohol base, so it will not burn nor dry out your skin. To the contrary, our product actually leaves your hands with a soft-silky feel.

Yes, our Clinical safety test results prove that once our spray is applied to your mask, front and back, it can be immediately be worn without any harm. It actually smells refreshing and cleansed once the spray is applied to the mask.

You can put your mask on immediately! The scent is very calming and pleasing.

No, it is FDA Registered. FDA approved is for a new drug or device. FDA Registered means that the FDA has done the thorough due diligence and review of all of our clinical tests to clear it to be safe forOver the Counter (OTC) uses. Once this is done, a National Drug Code (NDC) is granted and listed on the National Drug Codes List. Both of VieShield’s products National Drug Codes are on the NDC List.

No, it will not since it has already penetrated the first layer of your epidermis and will remain lodgeand active in the epidermis for 4+ hours to continuously Kills and protect you from COVID-19, other viruses, germs, and bacteria.

Copper kills bacteria and inactivates viruses, rendering them harmless. The Copper and Magnesium Hydroxide Mg(OH)2 inactivates coronavirus and almost all other respiratory viruses on contact.

For the Gel, it takes just a small amount, less than the size of a dime. For the Spray, about two pumps on both sides of each hand or mask.

Absolutely! Our product does not contain Alcohol, so it is perfectly safe for it to be in your car during extreme hot weather.

If your child ingests our product or any hand sanitizer, call poison control or a medical professionalimmediately.

FDA publishes product listing information provided by the companies that make the drug on the National Drug Code(NDC) Directory. This listing means that the product has been cleared by the FDA to be deemed safe and sold over the counter (OTC). Anyone can look up a drug product and download the information by searching on its NDC, company name or drug name.

Our products do not contain hazardous chemicals such as Acid, alkali, bleach, and detergent that are most likely in household cleaners and disinfectants. Most of household cleaners and disinfectants are likely to be poisonous. Our products are safe to use on your skin, face, hair, clothing, and masks.

Yes, our products are recommended by not one, but three renown doctors in the Viral Diseases field.

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